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How to stand against the devil (Part 4)

You resist him with boldness and confidence. If you are not bold you cannot get the devil to bow to you. It takes boldness and confidence in the Word and ability of God to command the devil. Where there is no boldness there must be fear, and fear is a weapon of the enemy. From […]

How to stand against the devil (Part 3)

You resist Him in the Name of Jesus. Today we see people trying to resist the devil through flogging, through the use of some so-called holy water (there is no, and there has never been any holy water anywhere in the world), in the name of a prophet, G.O. or angel. Some try to get […]

How to stand against the devil (Part 2)

You have authority over the devil. Authority – the legal right to exercise power of rule, has been given to us over the devil and his cohorts in Jesus’ name. That’s why Jesus said, “In My Name, they (talking of you and me) shall cast out demons…” Mark 16:17. You only exercise that victory through […]