Remind Yourself…

I am not inferior, I am the beloved of the Father
I am not ugly, God made me fearfully and wonderfully
I am not a dullard, all of God’s treasure of knowledge and wisdom indwells me
I am not a pauper, God has blessed me with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places

Danger can’t near me, He is my shield
Death can’t reach me, He is my life
Sin can’t rule me, He is my righteousness
Disease can’t touch me, He is my health

I have limitless entrance to my Father’s throne, Jesus’ blood paved the way
I have eternal life residing permanently in me because I believe on His son
I have an eternal redemption because Jesus died, rose and ascended
I have love flowing from within me, His Precious Spirit shed the Father’s love in my heart

I am the Father’s sent one, so I do the works of God
I am His anointed, I know all things
I am the light of the world, I shine exceedingly
I am a worshiper of Jehovah and I worship in spirit and in truth


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