You are a product of your thoughts.
You are a product of what you believe.
Don’t do this, it’s not right!
Do that, it’s just right!
These thoughts spring up in our consciences.
These thoughts determine the decisions we make in life.
These thoughts wraps us up and make us who we are and eventually, who we become.
As the Scriptures say; as a man thinks in his heart, so he is!
What do you believe?
Whom do you believe?
These questions are very crucial in a man’s life,
As you are judged based on your belief.
Scriptures say; if you do anything you believe is not right, you are sinning!
Your belief is what is makes you different from the world.

I believe in Jesus Christ!
I believe that He is the Son of God!
I believe He came to the world to die for my sins!
I believe He is risen from the dead!
I believe in the resurrection power of Christ,
This makes all the difference in me!
I believe Jesus loves me!… Amen
Join me in taking the above confessions as we make Christ Jesus the centre of our belief system

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