Walking in Wisdom

Every child of God is built for supernatural exploits. We are  called to show the manifold wisdom of God to the  world (Ephesians 3:10).  During his life  on earth, Jesus drew the attention of men by the wisdom he exhibited. The miracles he did and the words he spoke were divinely orchestrated and made people marvel. The secret behind the wisdom Jesus exhibited was his absolute dependence on God for instructions. Jesus just did as he was told and wisdom manifested  (John 12:49).

Peter was told to catch a fish when tax collectors demanded for tax from Jesus and Peter. He obeyed and was saved an embarrassment in grand style (Mathew 17:24-27). The men at the wedding of Cana of galilee obeyed the instructions of Jesus and they brewed the best wine( John 2:1-10). When God gives you an instruction, it may not make any sense to you or people around you but that same instruction will portray you as the wisest of all when you carry it out. The wisdom of God doesn’t just answer a problem, it does it amazingly and in style.

God wants us to be filled with  his wisdom and manifest it on a daily basis. For this to happen, we must be constantly in tune with God. Instructions and wisdom are inseparable (proverbs 1:2 and 7). When God wants to manifest his wisdom through a man, he issues instructions to such. When these instructions are carried out, people see it and marvel.

In 2017, God wants to make you a wonder and a manifestation of his wisdom. Therefore, you must constantly look out for instructions to carry out. A lot of Christians are looking for blessings to claim but only few are looking for instructions to carry out. As we kick off 2017, concentrate on getting instructions. Stay close to the holy spirit and your bible. Whatever he asks you to do, just do it and people will marvel at the wisdom with which your life runs.

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