Divine Guidance (Part 2)

God understands the inability of the human mind to fully decipher his purpose for man and the wickedness of the world in which we live. Therefore, he has opened up a couple of channels of guidance to his children.

Isaiah 48:21
And they did not thirst When He led them through the deserts; He caused the waters to flow from the rock for them; He also split the rock, and the waters gushed out.

Divine guidance is the right of every child of God. God has taken the guidance of his children as a personal responsibility (Isaiah 48:17). He did not put it in the hands of angels. He personally ensures that his children are guided.  We will look into some of these channels so that we can fully take advantage of them.

this post is a continuation of Divine Guidance (part 1)

1. The Holy Spirit :

The Holy Spirit is the portion of God that  is released to a person when such a person receives Jesus as his Lord. The holy spirit lives in every child of God. One of the functions of the holy spirit is guidance. The spirit of God guides us by sending instructions and revelations to our spirit (Isaiah 30:21). This guidance is better experienced than explained. As you give your life to Jesus and begin to anticipate the leading of the holy spirit, your capacity to pick his instructions increases. You will begin to sense his instructions in your spirit more and more.

The development of your spirit to receive divine guidance is your responsibility. You must pray (especially in tongues) often. You must take out time to fellowship and listen to him. You must obey him promptly and totally. You must also anticipate his guidance. Even in supposedly trivial issues of life such as what cloth to wear for the day, you must ask him. Don’t be quick to judge anything. Depend on him to guide you.

2. The word of God: 

The word of God is a sure guide on any issue of life. Even if you cannot discern the voice of the holy spirit on what to do on an issue, do what the word of God says and you will not be wrong. It is, therefore, important to feed on large portions of the bible everyday. The more the word of God you have stored up in you, the larger your guidance level and the smaller your error margin in decision making. After all, you can only do the word of God that you know. Again, your obedience must be prompt and total.

3. Spiritual leaders: Although God leads his children primarily by the holy spirit, God has also provided a mechanism that ensures that his children are guided should they miss or not fully understand the guidance of the holy spirit. He has positioned men who have developed a very strong relationship with the holy spirit over  time to be channels of confirmation for his children. These people are spiritual leaders in the church.

A young christian who has not cultivated his spirit enough may miss some of God’s leading. To avoid this, God sends a copy of the same instruction to the spiritual leader of such a person so that the leader can guide the christian based on the instruction he received. It is safe for every christian to submit the instructions he gets to his spiritual leader for confirmation (Hebrews 2:3). In this way, no detail of the instruction will be lost. It should also be noted that having a spiritual leader doesn’t mean you should be irresponsible and not have personal guidance from God. You must grow up and mature while you remain teachable and meek.

As you take advantage of these provisions, divine guidance will be a natural part of your life and experiences.

this post is a continuation of Divine Guidance (part 1)

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